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Christina C. Downing, Psy.D.,

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Psychological Assessment & Therapy

Bilingual - Spanish and English



Very early in my professional journey I realized that working with children was my passion. However experience has taught me that the only way to truly help a child was to work with the family. Each family has the ability to heal itself. But sometimes there may be obstacles blocking the family from healing itself, and that’s when an outside helper may be needed.


I’ve worked with children, adolescents and families facing a range of challenges such as depression, anxiety, poor anger management, reunification, trauma, and grief and loss. I am a bilingual (English/Spanish) Psychologist trained in TF-CBT and I also utilize behavioral, expressive, and play interventions to assist children and families. In addition to therapy I am also trained to conduct psychological assessments. Psychological assessments not only highlight areas of attention, but can reveal areas of strength, clarify diagnosis, and guide treatment goal formation.


Since 2011 my goal has been to learn from each family and help them maximize on the strengths that are already present.




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