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Caroline Friedman, LGPC, NCC, MA
Counseling Associate

(301) 818-0708


There are moments in life when things feel overwhelming, and we struggle to find answers on how to move forward. This can sometimes make us feel stressed, stuck, angry, anxious, or depressed. These feeling can also end up affecting our relationships, work, or life in general. I am a therapist who works collaboratively to find ways to help you feel better in a supportive, caring, and non-judgmental environment. We’ll work together to help you realize and build on your existing strengths and develop new emotional and behavioral coping strategies, especially self-compassion. 


I believe that the stories we tell ourselves shape how we view ourselves—whether we learned them as children, from cultural pressures, or from relationships that have influenced us along the way. Better understanding of how we experience our feelings and understanding patterns of our behavior as we move through our lives can help us untangle how to move forward in more productive ways.


I use an integrative approach that is based in Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Internal Family Systems, and Dialectical Behavior therapies and techniques. I also have a specialty in Pain Reprocessing Therapy. If you have persistent pain from any variety of issues such as migraines, back, knee, or shoulder pain, IBS, Fibromyalgia, among many others, then this might be a good option for you. I work with people to understand their relationship with pain using the most current and evidence-based research and therapies. This is not the usual pain management approach, but rather therapy that works to help reduce the level of pain by understanding the interplay between emotions, our bodies, and the neurology in our brains. Our first meeting would be to determine if your pain is neuroplastic and if this is right for you. This is a non-invasive approach which has shown to have lasting, long-term effects at reducing pain so that you can live a freer, more active, and happier life.


When faced with challenges in life, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own. Talking with someone and working together in a comfortable environment can help us understand what is happening and how to work towards a greater sense of well-being. My approach is flexible and individualized. Looking for help takes strength and your just being here is a good first step. I welcome the opportunity to be part of your journey. I offer a free phone consultation for clients before scheduling an appointment. We can use this time to talk about what’s on your mind, concerns, and goals, and determine if it feels like a good fit. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more.


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To schedule your free consultation, you can contact Caroline at: 

(301) 818-0708

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