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Welcome to our virtual office, let’s get started, with a FREE 30-minute consultation .

We believe that every client has a particular kind therapist with whom they feel at ease.  It is for that very reason we offer a FREE - "30 minute" consultation with a therapist of YOUR choice.  Simply click here or on the "Team" tab above and you can learn about each of our therapists, then contact them using either their e-mail address or telephone number contained in their profile to schedule your own FREE "30 minute" no obligation consult. 


That's all there is to it.  Should you decide to persue the therapeutic relationship you will need to follow the steps below:


1.  Read and Complete both the Informed Consent and HIPAA / Notice of Privacy Policy Statement.  We will

discuss both of these documents in our first session.


2. If you would like our therapist to discuss your case with your physician or other professional please read and

        complete the Release of Information Form.


3.  Complete the Confidential Intake Form.


4.  Read our Terms of Use statement.


4.  Set up a free HushMail Account and free Skype Account.

Both are free, easy to set up and will allow us to communicate privately using encryption technology.


5.  Go to the Fees page and select a payment for the services you want. 

6.  Face-to-Face appointments in our Silver Spring office, home visits and online sessions are by appointment

only.  Please contact your therapist directly by using their phone number or email which may be found on the team page.



If you are having suicidal thoughts it is important that you seek help IMMEDIATELY. Calling 911 or

1 800 784 2433 and ask for help now!

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