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We believe that Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Support are an integral part of the holistic approach.  Depression doesn't make an appointment to visit us in our office; a person does.  A person whose depression causes them to respond a particular way.  That person's resources may or may not include spirituality.  Pastoral counselors are trained to integrate that spirituality into the client's process should they indicate that it is a source of comfort or support.  Pastoral counselors will never impose their own spiritual or religious beliefs on the client but instead are trained to respect and honor the spiritual and religious traditions of their clients. 


In defining "holistic" counseling we strive to include all aspects of the whole person and create a treatment strategy that includes a multi-faceted approach to well-being.  At A Quiet Journey Counseling and Associates, we attempt to weave together the pastoral and spiritual with the holistic, creating a truly healing spectrum of services. 


For those seeking a more singular exploration of faith and spirituality our counselors offer uniquely tailored spiritual support sessions.  Spirituality and your faith tradition play an important role in your day-to-day living. There is no need to check those pieces of yourself at the door when you arrive for your appoinment.  Ask your therapist for more information.


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