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Fees & Payments


Payment is required at the beginning of each session via your credit card on file, credit card swipe in office, cash, check, Visa/Mastercard, Debit Card or Flex Spending Card.


You will be required to provide a credit card number to be kept on file for forgotten payments, missed appointments, and out of office appointments. Returned checks and late payments may be subject to an additional late payment fee of $35. Failure to pay your bill in a timely manner or ongoing noncompliance with payment terms may incur collections charges. Your bill may then be sent to collections.


We do not accept insurance directly in order to focus on effective treatment.  Managed care tends to place restrictions on reimbursement for behavioral health services, regardless of what is clinically indicated for effective interventions and protocols.


Patients requesting documentation for the purpose of submitting to their insurance company will be given a “super bill” with the proper code numbers for diagnostic category and type of service provided, as well as the additional necessary information. You may submit this to your insurance company or save it for your financial records. You will then be reimbursed directly by your insurance company per the terms of your policy. Our licensed staff members are considered “Out of Network Providers,” as we are not participating providers of any insurance plans. While many of our patients are successful in receiving reimbursement for a portion of the service rendered, reimbursement is considered a matter between you and your insurance company. Please contact your insurance company directly for question about your coverage.


Receipts that are requested for the purpose of submission to your insurance company should be discussed with your therapist in advance so that they contain only the information you want included.


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