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Traditional Face-to-Face Counseling

 - Individuals

 - Couples & Families

 - Children & Adolescents

 - Relationship Counseling

Home Visits

 - When none of the other services seem right for you.

 - Montgomery and Prince George Counties


 - Support

 - Psycho-Educational

 - Specialty

 - Bereavement Groups in Spanish and English.

Holistic Hybrid Counseling

These services weave together some of the most effective therapies to aid in achieving your most important goals.


Accomplish your counseling and fitness goals at one time through our specialized Talk-in-Motion Sessions.

Technology Assisted Counseling

 - Telephone

 - Email

 - Skype

LGBTQ Counseling


 - Polyamorous

 - Kink / BDSM

 - Transgender

 - Sex Therapy


Approved LCPC Supervisor by the

Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists

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