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Home Visits




Do you remember the days when

health care professionals would

make house calls?


Are you unable to leave your home and

unfamiliar with the technology mediated

venues mentioned on this site?


Would you like to engage in counseling

that will help you reorganize the

energy in your life and in your home.




There are a host of reasons to request a Home Visit. Each one is as unique as the individuals that makes the request. There are some important issues for both the client and the therapist to consider when engaging in this type of service, for example: location, safety, privacy, convenience and additional travel surcharges.


This type of service may be useful for those clients that are considering using Psychotherapeutic Feng Shui as a tool to accomplishing their goals.


Feel free to contact us and let’s discuss the possibilities and the details.






In addition to the posted session rates found on the “Fees" page of this website, a travel surcharge will be added to each visit.  The charges are listed below:


  • Montgomery County +$25

  • Prince George's County +$25


* This service is ONLY available on 50 minute sessions or longer.

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