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Your time is valuable and we are confident you want to get as much out of every minute as you can.  So the question is do you go to therapy to take care of your mind or do you go to the gym and take care of your body?  Wouldn't it be nice to do both at the same time?  Well, we would like to introduce you to Talk-In-Motion, a program that allows you to take your session on a walk with you.  Talk to your therapist about this program.  All therapists at A Quiet Journey Counseling & Associates are ready and able to conduct your next session on the move.


  Some of the benefits that have been attributed to walking include:

1. Reduce Stress

2. Boost Happy Chemicals
3. Improve Self-Confidence
4. Enjoy The Great Outdoors
5. Prevent Cognitive Decline
6. Alleviate Anxiety
7. Boost Brainpower
8. Sharpen Memory
9. Help Control Addiction
10. Increase Relaxation
11. Get More Done
12. Tap Into Creativity
13. Inspire Others

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