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Traditional Face-to-Face Counseling

Individual Counseling


Does it seem like there is never enough time in a day?  Are you concerned about your relationships, either personal or professional?  Are you concerned because you feel depressed, overwhelmed, stressed out, anxious or easily irritated?


Individual counseling may help you address these feelings and the questions that are relevant to your experiences.  Counseling can bring a fresh, new perspective to your concerns and help restore balance to your life, and your relationships. You can learn new tools that will help you identify your stressors and concerns so that you may promptly address your feelings and avoid falling into depression.  Counseling can help you identify your strengths, develop or improve your communication skills, learn relaxation techniques, and develop a self-care program that meets your needs thereby restoring balance so you can enjoy your life to its fullest.



Couples or Relationship Counseling & Family Counseling


Do you feel like you are drifting away from your partner or just not making that connection that you once shared?  Are feelings of discontentment causing you alarm?  Are you arguing more often?  Are you spending less quality time with the ones you love?


Couples or Relationship counseling can help you identify the issues you have with your partner or in your relationship and then help to develop better communication patterns.  Sometimes, simply learning to express your feelings with your partner or in a relationship will significantly improve the relationship.


Couples or Relationship counseling involves both partners and may be structured in such a way that involves individual work combined with couples work.  The goal is to open a dialogue and establish an environment where trust and respect can be established, thereby allowing the issues to emerge in a caring atmosphere where an open and honest discussion can be pursued.


At times, children or extended family members influence the relationship between partners. Concerns about a child’s academic performance or behavior, in-law relations, or feelings of inadequacy with regard to your parenting style may be amongst the issues affecting your relationship.  Counseling may need to extend to these members of the household as well.  Again developing and strengthening communication, establishing a sense of belonging and learning new parenting skills may help you and your family overcome these issues.


The sense of feeling empowered for both you and your children as well as reestablishing a connection in a nurturing environment is rewarding.  Click here to learn more about our Relationship Counselors


Visit our companion site,, for additional information.

Children & Adolescents


Children and adolescents perceive the world in a different way than adults.  The stages of their lives are transitions which can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate.  These transitions influence a child’s mood and behavior and can cause parents or guardians to become concerned.


Children and adolescents tend to be more perceptive and attuned to their environment then we give them credit for. Counseling can be very helpful and satisfying for your child or adolescent, providing a safe environment in which to express and discover themselves as well as their feelings.  As they explore this new territory they may gain useful tools to help them overcome anxiety and/or depression thereby becoming better suited for social interactions, particularly amongst their peers.

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