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Energy Work: Reiki & Chakra Balancing

Have you ever gone to someone’s home feeling rested and relaxed, and a short time later, feel depleted and lethargic? Have you ever been physically touched by someone only to experience that touch on a much deeper and more profound level? Have you ever gone to an open meadow feeling depressed but as you lay in the grass and feel the cool breeze wash over your the depression seems to disappear?


Energy is all around us whether we recognize it or not.  Some believe that there is an energetic component to everything both living and “non-living”.  We can give energy, we can receive energy and we can act as a conduit through which energy travels.  We are all sensitive to energy although some are more sensitive than others.


Energy work describes the ability of a practitioner to either balance energetic imbalances in another person or act as a conduit by which universal energy is shared or given to a recipient.  This energy may be directed to a specific location or distributed throughout the entire body.  The work may be subtle or quite profound.  Results are as unique as the people receiving the work.


To schedule an appointment with Thomas Tsakounis call (301) 370-6613


To schedule an appointment with Sherrie Ludwick call (240) 997-1612



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