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Herbal / Integrative Health Consultation

Health care choices are a very personal subject.  Some people place complete trust in their health care practitioner.  Other people chose to play an active role in the diagnosis, treatment and management of their health concerns.  Some people follow their health care providers instructions exactly as they are directed.  Others pick and choose and are a bit less compliant.


Integrative health practitioners recognize that with many medical concerns an integrative approach will serve the client best.  Together, as a team of practitioners, we carry out an integrative approach that will accomplish treating the client with respect and integrity.  Each team member brings with them the skills and training necessary to restore balance and well being to the client.


Herbs, vitamins, life style changes & nutrition can each be a helpful component in a client’s journey toward health and well-being.  These tools may work a bit slower than allopathic approaches but work on a deeper, more profound level eventually facilitating a more permanent change.


Working together allopathic and holistic measures can be an effective way to manage your health concerns.


Session Details:

The first session is approximately 1.5 - 2 hours in duration with the focus on evaluating the individual’s health issues and needs.   The goal will be to strive to restore balance by suggesting one or more of the following approaches: nutritional changes, herbs, vitamins, or mineral supplements and body or energy work.


Assessment tools may include but are not limited to tongue and pulse, iridology and non-invasive palpation.

Follow-up sessions are shorter in duration and are employed to discuss progress and re-evaluate goals.  A client’s compliance and motivation play a key role in accomplishing the stated goals.


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