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Just Wanted You To Know


“Everything is done that should be done at my age.”



My finances are in order, my will is in place, funeral arrangements have been handled, instructions have been written regarding my affairs – it’s all done right? NO!



Remember your first high school crush, the first dance, or perhaps your first job? Maybe, you still get goose bumps thinking about your first apartment or your wedding day. The length of your years speaks to the numerous life stories -- joy, sadness, wisdom, mistakes and humor. Stories around events that relate to these emotions are the richness of your life that can be shared with family members and loved ones.



- This “Just Wanted You To Know” workshop of 4 sessions focuses on writing such stories from your life


- Family members and friends receiving such stories will be a rich legacy in print for your loved one.


- Our spring, summer and fall workshops meet weekly for 4 - 2hour sessions with daytime and evening hours.

- Workshop enrollment is ongoing.


- We hold workshops in our office – 10000 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20901. We also bring the workshop

   to Senior facilities and churches for large groups.












Call us for dates and times to register. Contact Dione Finney at 240.281.3329 or at




A little about the presenter:






Dione Finney, MS, LGPC, NCC

Associate Counselor

Nationally Certified & Licensed Gradiate Professional Counselor


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