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Thank you for visiting A Quiet Journey Counseling. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to explore the site and get comfortable with its resources.  We offer a spectrum of services that address a range of topics including anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress (PTS), sexual identity issues, anger management, couples communication, spirituality, life transitions and much, much more.


As you know, in today’s society we are each being asked to evolve along with new trends in technology.  This movement touches far and wide and the counseling profession is growing to meet this movement.  The counselors at A Quiet Journey recognize that mental health should not be limited to those that can come into an office but should be extended to those that are located in remote areas, those that cannot leave their home, those living in small communities and feel a need for some level of anonymity or a number of other reasons that require flexibility.  Bearing that in mind, we are pleased to offer you traditional face-to-face counseling services as well as online or technology-assisted counseling services.  The choice is yours.


Additionally, we recognize that each individual is called to a unique journey which we know as life.  As we travel along the path of our individual journeys we encounter crossroads that challenge us. These challenges help us to grow and become the individuals we know ourselves to be.  Occasionally we may be presented with choices or situations that may seem confusing and at times daunting and insurmountable. These may be the times you simply need a guide to help provide a light in the darkness. Perhaps we can help to illuminate and elucidate those choices, through your own emerging process, so that you can choose your best path.


If you believe we may share a connection or you would simply like to further explore the possibilities of a therapeutic relationship feel free to contact us.



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