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Behavioral / Mental Health Counseling

It's simple, "one size doesn't really fit everyone," and we understand this.  We have assembled a truly remarkable team and offer a wealth of resources, all designed with you in mind.


Spirituality and one's relationship with the Divine is just one of the many facets that make up the whole person.  Our Pastoral Counselors are eager to be a resource for you as you explore, broaden and deepen your spiritual connections.  We are proud to have a multidisciplinary team and uphold the belief, "Truth is one; paths are many!"

Integrative Health Services

Integration honors the whole person; it respects that no one part is greater than the other and in keeping with that philosophy we offer resources that allow you to work on yourself as a whole being. 

Sex & Intimacy Counseling

interested in learning more about developing stronger emotional connections, exploring ethical non-monogamy and kink, stimulating love and desire, building communication skills around sex & intimacy, and exploring sexual confidence, eroticism, & self-esteem.

We can Help!

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